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Support others to stay strong in God with an accountability guide

Oscar Nominations!
(My Nomination Pick Results)

My Favorite Media of 2022

…and films I want to see in 2023 (1st half)

See The Chosen Season 3 Final Episodes in Theaters
…Number 1 Thursday Night!

Join me on Disney Movie Club!

Streaming Films Still Not on Home Video
Hopefully RRR has a home video release date soon

See The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis
(based on the 2016 stage play)
with Max McLean
Watch on PureFlix

An Approach to Complaining / Taking Stress Out of Our Lives

Our Transgressions Overcome
God Directed

My review rating system:
Highly Recommended (**** to ***1/2))
Recommended (*** to **1/2)
Recommended with reservations (** to *1/2)
Not Recommended (* or below)

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