2016 Oscar Contest (2015 films)

2012 interview feature with fitness expert Denise Austin

2005 interview feature with artist Beth Covert

Alex Kendrick interview  /  Article Critique (The Systems View of Human Performance)

Descendants Sequel Outline  /  Doug Gritzmacher interview feature on Soldiers of Paint documentary

Evan Leong interview feature on Linsanity documentary (Jeremy Lin)

Faran Tahir (actor) interview feature

Meeting Media: Personal Miscommunication  /  My Stop Smoking Coach With Allen Carr

Oedipus Rex Summary  /  Olympics Showcasing the Human Body – The Ultimate Media  /  The Opportunity to Follow God

Reflective Essay (April 2005 – graduate degree)  /  Rich Peluso (film producer) interview feature  /  Ross Michaels (entertainment accountant) interview feature

Scott Steinberg (video game expert) interview feature  /  Speaking Without Fear  /  STIGA Sensorscore Table Tennis Scoring System interview feature  /  St. Joseph’s School Feature (Blakeslee, Ohio)  /  Sunday Morning Sermon Series

Technical Research Paper on Web/Interactive Media

Video Game Violence Editorial  /  Voice Recognition Technology Research Proposal

Website Template / Design (Technical Issue Document)  /  Weight of the Nation documentary series  /   Why You Shouldn’t Trust All Reviews

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