Sunday Morning Sermon 1 (Luke 10:38-42)

This is my first Sunday Morning Sermon post that will be another meaningful series I hope you enjoy them.

Luke 10: 38-42

We got the distinction of task oriented and people oriented in this lesson.

I feel I’m comfortable in supporting roles, but I do occasionally get upset with people who are not serving. I can remember working cafeteria duty where we all got small sheets of leftover pizza to eat, but no one stayed to sweep the floor. I swept the floor while I was white hot angry at the others. It was one of my angriest times where I felt I had to “suffer” to “get the job done”. It was passive aggressive and dangerous to my well being.

I was still angry even when they came back to help after I had it mostly done. They probably just forgot in the first place, but I was wrapped in my own selfish, spiteful thoughts. A memorable lesson in being graceful, kind, and peaceful where I let my task oriented self cloud the blessing of being more of a people oriented person and calmly asking them if they could stay and help and welcoming the returning co-volunteers with open arms instead of disdain.

Just wanting to be near God like my girls snuggle up to me is another lesson within this scripture. Just being content to be with God. Help me to hear your voice Lord this week and always. Just to be calm (like the T shirts say) and relax (like Aaron Rodgers say) …easier said than done, but an attainable goal and helpful mantra.

Another great aspect of the sermon was how people spend time with and how they leave “deposits” of others and with others. The “power of presence” in our lives is definitely shaped by relationships and forms our character…like reading a book (Catherine’s (see Meg Ryan’s) dialogue in You’ve Got Mail) – the experience becomes a part of you.

Music to add: “I am a Friend of God” Note: I add this music to my shuffle or other device. This music just comes from what I’m thinking of while listening to the sermon.

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