Kid Icarus: Uprising

KidIcarusUprisingIt’s been over 20 years since the last installment in this game series as Kid Icarus: Uprising jolts players with a kinetic, fast paced update installment that exposes many players to this angelic hero for the first time. Nintendo and Project Sora really deliver a must-have for the Nintendo 3DS game library with plenty of unlockable items and customization options.

The varying difficulty levels, simple control scheme, entertaining character dialogue, and non-stop action make this 2012 Nintendo 3DS exclusive game stand out above the rest. Novice players can easily adjust the settings for easier play while experience players can create higher challenges. The controls concentrates on three main areas: the L button for attacks, circle pad for dashes, and touch pad for movement. These scheme has a learning curve, but creates a fluid experience enhanced by combinations (e.g. circle pad and L button for dash attacks), melee attacks (L button when close), and dodging (flick the circle pad). The audible spoken dialogue also displays on the bottom screen and includes some laugh-out loud moments as this kid hero battles the antagonistic Medusa and her minions in several environments on the ground and in the air. The local and online multiplayer modes can accommodate as many as six players.

Street Pass features include acquiring and trading weapon gems while Spotpass feature automatically searches items. Weapons include long-range staffs, bows, the powerful club, long rang orbiters, well-balanced blades, claws (great for melees), cannons, and arms. This highly recommended action platformer includes special augmented reality (AR) cards and a special black stand for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console (****, rated E10+ for comic mischief, fantasy violence, and mild suggestive themes).

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