Kung Fu Hustle (Gong fu)

KungFuHustleThe martial arts action/comedy Kung Fu Hustle establishes Stephen Chow as a premiere filmmaker.

This entertaining tribute includes well constructed spoofs and homages of the Hong Kong film scene as well as recent Hollywood favorites like The Matrix and Spider-Man 2.

As a director, Chow blends special effects and eccentric
characters while weaving a creative plot that holds the
audience’s attention.

Chow also co-writes, co-produces and stars as Sing, a petty criminal who seeks a big score to make him rich.

Sing can’t seem to catch a break in life amid 1940s China where the notorious “Axe Gang” rules the streets.

Sing’s giant sidekick, played by Chi Chung Lam, and the antagonist Axe gang leader, played by Kwok Kuen Chan, also starred in Chow’s previous film, Shaolin Soccer.

The corrupt police are no help, so the area is soon overrun by the gang leaving only a poor community named Pig Sty Alley.

Qui Yuen plays the landlady in Pig Sty Alley. She even gained 40 pounds using a sumo wrestler diet for her role.
Veteran actor Wah Yuen plays her husband. Both Yuens are former schoolmates. Huang Sheng Yi also makes her acting debut as Sing’s love interest Fong.

Siu Lung Leung has a memorable role as “The Beast.” Leung, an experienced TV/film actor and martial artist, has been included in the group “Three Little Dragons” with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

The top-notch martial arts action sequences include choreographers Woo-ping Yuen (Kill Bill film series) and Sammo Hung.

Recommended (***) and rated R for stylized action violence with a 95 minute running time.

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