The Hulk (classic video game)

HulkVGThe Hulk
Review rating: ***1/2
Platform/console: Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox
Release date: June 2003
Genre: Action/fighting
Players allowed: 1
ESRB rating: T (mild violence)
Production company: Universal Interactive Studios, Inc.

Throw a soldier up at a helicopter. Bash through just about any structure within your environment. Use a thunderous clap to take out a military tank. These are just some of the fantastical actions you can experience in this solid game ideal for gamers with more destructive tastes. If the Bruce Banner stealth missions become tedious, you may find yourself getting hurt on purpose just to be Hulk.

“Hulk out” and fight up to 10 enemies at once with approximately 45 attacks in over 25 environments. The main mode you choose from in the beginning is the story mode (Challenge mode is unlockable). Options include three settings of difficulties.

Once you’re set up, your ultimate goal is to conquer the main antagonist Leader along with other baddies such as Madman, Flux, Ravage, and Half-life, though you might find yourself replaying a lot of levels just for the sheer fun of it. Eric Bana provides his voice talent to a nice, original storyline that’s not closely related to the film’s plot – a welcome change which makes players feel they can have a deeper entertainment experience instead of feeling like a pawn for the film’s marketing campaign.

The graphics use lots of bright lighting to give the animation a unique comic book feel. You always have plenty of bright environments as well which makes for easier gameplay especially for inexperienced players.

The controls work well for the most part. Character dialogue gets interrupted when you start a fighting move and Bruce movements aren’t a fluid as the Hulk’s. It takes 3 hits to defeat a soldier, but throwing guys into walls and other structures will take care of them right away. Your endless waves of adversaries may get a bit tiring, so remember it’s better to move through some levels quickly only defeating foes in your way. Your rage meter gives you extra power to dispose of them more quickly.

High replay value, many unlockables and entertaining game play should provide you with a lot of reasons to add this title to your library regardless if you’ve read the Hulk comics or not. Need another reason? OK, one bonus unlockable includes a way to play the game through an alternate mode (not Hulk or Bruce). Enjoy!

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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