Descendants Sequel Outline

A gift for Mr. Alexander Payne / Descendants Sequel Outline by Michael and Heidi Siebenaler

Matt figures out a family real estate plan within seven years as well as special trusts for his daughters and even grandchildren. The plan (known only to Matt and his daughters) lets the state of Hawaii retain the land, but Matt’s family controls real estate/property/development decisions. The trust provides for his disabled ex-mother-in-law and rewards immediate family members, namely his daughters Alexandra and Scottie, for graduating college and other life goals plus a generation-skipping (a.k.a. dynasty) trust for their future kids. This plan draws the ire of ex-father-in-law and cousin Hugh because…you guessed it – they want more money. The trust gradually comes to the surface as Matt’s daughters progress in their education and life experiences.

So we definitely have the groundwork for the family themes and some setup for future events. Matt also has begun a romance in his life, which is not yet revealed (don’t worry…it’s not Julie). Brian produces some tension for Matt as Julie has seemingly left him and his real estate career sours. Scottie constantly gets into trouble at school while having quick anger outbursts and defies Matt’s authority even thought Alexandra tries to keep her in check. Sid’s education involves social work, community-based support, and civic government. Sid comes to Alexandra’s defense (though the two aren’t as close) during a confrontation with Brian where he blames her for his current life situation. Unfortunately, Sid gets arrested for using physical force as Matt interacts with all three characters in quick succession during a police station sequence addressing Alexandra’s quick temper, bailing out Sid, and confronting Matt…again (with no threats).

Matt does not get paranoid and draws closer to his daughters and extended family even though he has growing antagonistic following among Matt, Hugh, and the ex-father-in-law, but Matt does find a new friend/mentor named Ted after helping him after a wind glider mishap on one of his properties. They share the same love of Hawaii while Ted, a legal expert, gradually earns Matt’s trust. Matt reveals simple strategies with the ex-father-in-law (notify now included in family real estate plan) and Hugh (co-executor) without telling Ted. Matt discovers through Sid’s newly court ordered community work that Ted is Julie’s father just as Ted gets close enough to Matt’s vital activities to do some damage. Matt already knows, but appreciates Sid’s loyalty and incorporates his involvement into the family real estate plan and special trusts (to secure his future regardless of his future relationship with Alexandra). Matt calls a family meeting with Ted and Julie to discuss intentions and future plans. Before the meeting even starts, Matt and the ex-father-in-law crash the meeting, but Matt and his daughters keep things calm so they can announce the family real estate plan. The ex-father-in-law finally comes into the family fold while doing the honors and running off Matt (ready to make the famous punch again, but doesn’t). The ending involves a family boating trip where the family seemingly has moved on, but, unfortunately, Scottie does not follow Matt’s safety instructions and hits a rock as she drives a boat along the shore. Matt’s romance is never revealed as he again leans on his family, new friend Ted, and Alexandra as the film ends with a slow pan of Matt working at his desk at home with Alexandra working beside him…then Scottie appears in a cast.

We thought the ending reflected how Matt and his family grow stronger amid crisis. Heidi originally had Scottie dying in the accident, but I (Mike) changed it to just an injury. We enjoyed The Descendants and produced this outline on a Friday night earlier this spring (2012).

All the best,

Mike and Heidi Siebenaler

New Bremen, Ohio

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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