War of the Monsters

WaroftheMonstersSony Computer Entertainment America offers more fun than you can shake a big stick at with this action/fighting game! Designers construct a smash and grab format that allows you free reign over buildings in your area (a force field stops you from going too far) or other players (1 or 2).

There are enough control options to make player to player battles more than just a rock/paper/scissors duel. Two players can play, plus you can add in a maximum of 2 CPU players. The game screen changes from a split screen to full when you engage someone else.

Invisibility and special health boosts are plenty, but if you really want to have fun you’ll take advantage of the rubble and make crumbling city into a large dodgeball field. Use your circle button to pick up debris on the ground. Those gas trucks really pack a punch. The ground elements interact very well, but don’t get too comfortable squashing the people below. Take to the air or climb up structures for special power-ups or to take a sniper position on other players.

Once you pick up pipes, towers or other long objects by pressing circle, you can use them as bats by pressing square (light attack). Use those buildings for cover and jump out of the way because once your opponent finds a pile of fun stuff to throw, you could be in for a long night. This option to constantly barrage your opponent can get annoying after a while, not to mention the laser rays. Fighting combos are also very useful and timing is very important if you want to avoid attacks.

In the one player mode, you can earn tokens for extra monsters, costumes, mini-games and 2 player levels, but make sure you save to memory card because there’s no auto save option. The graphics and classic B movie look gives War of the Monsters a lasting appeal to compliment to fun gameplay and high replay value.

The only thing missing is a first person view with radar. An extremely fun title, especially if you can avoid attacks as well as successfully unleashing powerful moves on your opponents. Learning to master the controls and combos is definitely worth it! Recommended at three and a half stars out of four (***1/2).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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