Woodville Interview

Another grand band feature from 2004 during my time in Bowling Green, Ohio. http://www.bandmix.com/woodville/ …maybe a follow-up is on the horizon.


The band Woodville make up a mixture of talented, trained musicians who add their own individual textures to a mix that ranges from classic rock to jazz.

Band members include Stephen Merrill (guitar/vocals), Allison Eckardt (keyboards), Jared Smith (guitar), Greg Barth (bass) and Matt Schiefferstein (drums).

”Woodville is quite unique in the sense that, for a college band, they continually push the envelope of performance,” says Woodville’s producer/publicist Tim Hufnagle. “They create several new songs, usually about 90% of their set lists, instead of a lot of cover songs.”

The band has extensive, musical experience and education that has helped them grow into a high-profile band in the local area. Merrill and Smith took jazz guitar at Bowling Green State University. Steve is also currently an intern for Cumulus Broadcasting (WRWK, 106.5, The Zone; and WXKR, 94.5, Classic Rock).

Eckhardt is studying piano while Greg has been learning piano and music reading since he was very young.

“Our talents blend together well in our live shows,” says vocalist/guitarist Stephen Merrill. “A lot of our energy comes from the audience and we’ve had a lot of great shows including this year’s Quadstock.”

Woodville performs their original material live, both plugged and unplugged. “We had a lot of fun enjoying some of the best sound ever from H20’s system at this year’s Campus fest,” says Merrill. “The big shows are great, but you really have to concentrate on yourself and your instrument to focus during the performance.”

Woodville continues to expand their fan base with shows in Columbus, Ohio and Hillsdale College, Michigan. “Two of my favorite places to play are Nate & Wally’s and Brewster’s,” adds Merrill. “I like the smaller atmosphere where a 75 person capacity room that feels like a full room.”

Woodville also have a studio album coming out in early 2005, recorded in Bowling Green. “Their studio work is only an extension of what they do, not an end result,” adds Hufnagle.

“Hopefully this album will solidify the work we’ve been doing while going to school,” adds Merrill.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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