Geometry Wars Galaxies (NDS)

GeomWarsGalaxiesDSSierra recently released Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, the high-energy retro arcade shooter from independent developer Lucid Games, for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Amazon Fire tablets, which includes a single-player Adventure mode with 50 unique levels and a range of challenge modes, as well as five Classic modes inspired by past titles in the Geometry Wars™ franchise.


This hot title has high replay, a nice retro format and engulfing challenges. In the beginning there are spinners, mayflys, wanderers, weavers…OK, overall, it really doesn’t really matter what’s there, just the fact that they’re in your way. As you advance, new objects like NUFOs, flippers, darts, asteroids and wormholes appear, which increases excitement and complexity exponentially.

This great handheld title makes you amass Geom funds to upgrade your abilities. Stamina and longevity are the keys to winning your way through 60 extensive levels. You can use special bombs when you’re really in a jam by pressing the L button (beginning with three). Control options are the D-pad or the stylus, which was harder for this reviewer. During battle, the lower screen features a circular base for your firing paths.

This retro title (originated from a Project Gotham Racing 2 mini game) also features a standard medal system for each level. Players can hang back in the shotgun position, but if you want more points and the bonus multipliers, you’ll have to get right into the aftermath by picking up yellow icons after you’ve dispatched the opposing objects. Once you understand each enemies special abilities and spawning areas, your progression can rise as quickly as the challenges.

The bright neon color graphics against the green lined grids and black backgrounds make the experience easy on the eyes. The sparks and shrapnel increase the impact of the action while the soundtrack sustains a rapid action pace. The action does slow down a bit when the action gets thick, which can hurt your flow, but probably helps in the long run. Even though you might fail in overwhelming odds, you still want to continue and ultimately defeat those odds. Producers give you plenty of way to do this, most notably Your customizable drone and helpful sidekick who begins as a seemingly useless “spit wad” chum, then blossoms into a trustworthy partner who repeatedly saves you from doom.

The game also includes the original Retro Evolved game. The Wi-Fi connection/downloadable play features hosted games, co-op, versus, leaderboard, customizable survival modes where you can pick the enemies. You can also link the Nintendo DS and Wii versions to unlock bonus content (The Lambda Galaxy), which has seven new levels.  Just go to the connectivity menu to link to the correct console.

The replay value is through the roof on this title as players can always discover new scenarios and get higher records on several levels. A great action shooter with endless galaxy levels and an addictive format, which will remind many players of classic games like Asteroids. A must have NDS title (also available on Nintendo Wii.

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