James Bond: Nightfire

NightfireThe numerous options and levels in this 2002 action-shooter game might overwhelm you at first, but this highly entertaining title uses all of these elements so you can tailor-make the best possible action experience! This time around Bond and MI6 must fight the evil Phoenix Corporation. The deaths aren’t graphic and dense action comes from just about every perspective and vehicle you could imagine.

The beginning introduction scene gives you a comprehensive introduction of weapons and controls. The music doesn’t deviate much from past Bond games or the films, but the Nightfire theme song is particularly strong. Maybe they’ll come out with a full length version.

You also get lots of hints on the loading screens and through prompts during gameplay. Even the characters will tell you where to shoot and what to watch out for in certain levels. The auto-aim option and numerous control configurations require some time to master. Once you’ve oriented yourself, you’ll accumulate weapons, gadgets, rewards and special records fairly quickly as you progress. The rocket weapon even has a POV camera when fired – fire a rocket to check their position – you can use text prompts to mark them as well.

Good transitions between gameplay and cut scenes enhance the realistic settings as Bond globetrots around the world saving allies and investigating Phoenix’s ultimate plot. In the Nightfire (single player) mode missions automatically fail if you harm civilians or let them be harmed by your enemies. The multiplayer mode offers some great levels like uplink (activate satellites), top agent (last with most lives wins), demolition (MI6 attacks while Phoenix defends) and industrial espionage. The bots even have a personality option, such as vengeful or greedy, along with other choices like reaction time and recovery rate.

The codename option requires a profile name first, then you can save your progress or enter the codes – you’ll definitely need a memory card to optimize the overall experience. The female characters do initiate more action, but, in typical Bond fashion, are still objectified. Most gamers, especially James Bond fans, will definitely find several positive and challenging elements in this classic title (originally available on Gamecube, Playstation 2, Xbox, PC)! Rated three and a half stars out of four.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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