Wallace & Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

WallaceGromitWereRabbitThis stop-motion animation film, directed by Steve Box and Nick Park has a great plot full of comedy and entertainment for all ages. Based on the Oscar® winning short films, Wallace and Gromit embark on a new adventure. This time Wallace & Gromit must protect the veg-crazed neighborhood preparing for the annual vegetable festival. “They do love their veg,” says Wallace as his company “Anti-Pesto” faces great challenges once the were-rabbit appears.

Peter Sallis provides the voice for Wallace and…well, nobody provides the voice for his best friend Gromit the dog because he doesn’t talk. The film orients the audience on these two main characters with a camera pan tracking pictures of Wallace’s fading hair line to Gromit’s school days at “Dogwarts.” Wallace still loves gorgonzola and stinking bishop cheese, while Gromit plays the man’s best friend role well as he supports and rescues Wallace amid the numerous inventions and special business ventures.

Ralph Fiennes (Maid in Manhattan, The Constant Gardner) voices the trigger happy antagonist Victor Quartermaine who also has a dog. Quartermaine pines for Lady Tottington, voiced by Helen Bonham Carter, but opposes her more humane treatment of the veg-loving rabbits. “More thought, less killing,” she says.

This film has lots of creative comedy, such as the beginning sequence where a rabbit is “brought into light” after Victor tries to shoot him. The climax has great gags and visual comedy including a hilarious “break in the action” while Gromit is being chased. The hidden jokes in the settings and the music produced by Hans Zimmer compliment the film very well. This enjoyable film comes recommended (*** out of four stars) and rated G (though there are some innuendo jokes).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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