Star Wars: Starfighter

SWStarfighterThree unique main characters: a terse alien pirate named Nym, rookie pilot Rhys Dallows, and the risk taking Vana Sage, all mix into this exclusive one player Playstation 2 game which pits them against the always antagonistic Trade Federation.

The game’s graphics and sound excite the senses on a high level.  The battle scenarios in the space ships in various settings are very exciting.  The musical scores and landscapes in this game equal the impact of the Star Wars movies.

The characters’ storylines play important roles in the 14 missions.  The story segments in between the missions have incredible graphics. There are 3 unique spacecraft (plus 1 secret craft) to choose from and also has an option for code input (“minime” is invulnerability).  The controls are very smooth and easy to adapt.

You can control the direction of the spaceship with left analog stick while the right analog stick changes the ship’s orientation allowing you to get back to a horizontal position after an unintentional bump with a ship knocks you into a vertical position.  Use the L2 to brake and R2 for boost.  The X button fires your weapons and the circle button is for you secondary weapons.  Be patient in battle when using the secondary weapon because sometimes it takes a while to recharge.  See the lower right hand corner of the game picture above for a graphic of the secondary weapon icon.

Once you get the basic controls down then use the R1 button for the Sniper Mode  tight situations for aiming at specified targets.  Use the L1 button to continue rapid-firing your primary weapon (X button).

The directional pad can be used to give orders of “cover me,” “attack target,” “protect target,” and “report in.” when you have supporting spacecraft by your side.  See the upper left corner of the game’s graphic above.  The ship’s strength is the icon in the lower right hand corner.

The game does break up and skip every once in a while, especially when you hit something with your spaceship.  Most of the missions’ basic objectives are achieved after mastering the controls, but there are still many challenges in the secondary objectives for those people skilled in this type of game.  An essential, highly recommended (***1/2 out of four stars) addition to your Playstation 2 game library.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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