Def Jam Vendetta

DefJamVendettaThe fighting/action game Def Jam Vendetta from Electronic Arts has lots of talk, insults, broken bones and black eyes in this urban fight club where you have approximately 1,500 different moves as a fighter working your way up the ranks.

Not only do DMX, Ludacris, N.O.R.E. and Redman contribute to the 18-song soundtrack (it’s edited to keep the Teen rating), but they also are characters in this fun fighting title with familiar “work up the ladder to succeed” storyline and cut scenes.

The storyline of the game focuses around making money and earning a reputation, then advances to the head mogul of the fighting, a large brother named D-Mobb. One to four players can join in the mayhem and choose among the tough talking characters.

No girls compete for money in this fighting game, but they do fight for your attention and the “honor” of being your girlfriend. You actually control most of the girl fight experience and get to add pictures of your acquired ladies in your gallery which can be expanded even further in content (the outfits get smaller) and quantity when you make more money.

A degrading way to spend your hard-earned dollars (don’t even get me started on attempts in video games to objectify women and create a new media for porn), so try to enhance your fighting characteristics with your dough instead.

Besides some questionable content issues, the gameplay of this title surpasses most fighting and wrestling titles with ease. Most of the fighting techniques utilize mostly wrestling techniques and some quick hand-to-hand, including some great finishing moves that are easy to master once you’ve learned the controls.

Players can also taunt to pump up the crowd, which helps because this game makes players work for audience participation. The more they love the fight, the more money you make. This recommended (*** out of four stars) game that has plenty of room for growth in the next title including additions of more Def Jam artists and the option of creating a fighter from scratch.

Rated T for language, suggestive themes, and violence. Also available on Nintendo GameCube.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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