Wedding Date

WeddingDateThis disappointing romantic comedy The Wedding Date uses familiar love scenarios to tug at your emotions, and occasionally your funny bone.

Family dynamics, weddings, ex loves, great locations (London, England) and escort service ethics all pour into this mix, but the end result doesn’t taste so good.

The lead chemistry between Debra Messing (TV’s Will & Grace) and Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding) works fairly well, but their individual stories don’t even have the backbone to sustain a tiny 90 minute running time.

Messing plays Kat, a nice airport service agent who can’t assert herself. She hires Nick even though she finds the idea of “sex for money morally repugnant” just because she’s pressured by others to make a strong showing at her half-sister’s wedding.

Mulroney plays Nick, an escort expert who’s impressed and objectified by Kat’s impressed friends and family. Kat eventually buys into the physical objectification, which creates some conflict.

Director Clare Kilner (How to Deal) tries too hard to produce emotions from forced moments like Nick getting close with Kat by a car and a boat scene, which mistakenly assume a classic status.

Kilner and her editor also missed a shaky second unit shot of a blue lit building in a bachelorette party montage as the girls cruise London in a limousine.

The pop music soundtrack has several strong songs like the steamy “Secret” by Maroon 5 that match the story well, plus enjoyable classics by Air Supply and The Chiffons.

This minimally enjoyable movie (*1/2 out of four stars) is rated PG-13 for partial shower nudity scenes, profanity, adult themes and a sex scene. Based on the book Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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