Little League Baseball World Series 2009


This youth baseball game wins with simplistic, fun gameplay that also teaches essential rules while portraying the excitement of authentic Little League Baseball. Expanded base sliding, statistics (visible in the Clubhouse), bonuses/unlockables and simple, customizable controls improve this colorful, entertaining game series. Six new stadiums, a full team editor, power-up cards, and nunchuk/classic controller options all contribute to some great team play scenarios.

Batting control and other skills can best be mastered by going through the training mode and the individual skill challenges, including a home run tourney, pitching darts and dunk dugout. Most players can easily succeed with the main actions like pitching and batting then advance to advancing base runners on hits and sacrifice bunts. The exhibition mode contains quick or customized games while tournament mode lets players experience the Little League World Series.

Directional pad icons appear to give players the choice of throwing to all the bases plus they can choose an automatic field option – an ideal choice for young players because they only have to flick the remote and the ball goes to the first defensive priority. Outfielders can even rob a sure home run away from a team. Defined ball trails help players track the action.

The sound effects take precedent over background music. The quick interjection-like voice commentary features Gary Thorne, play-by-play announcer for the Baltimore Orioles and ESPN. Thorne and Brent Musberger voice some nice play-by-play, a well expanded element from the 2008 installment.

The game promotes great teamwork, good strategy and constant progression with great supporting physics. Players get of entertainment and physical exercise in this involving, highly replayable game. Hard core fans will enjoy the strong gameplay and casual gamers will appreciate the helpful icons and power-ups (*** out of four stars, rated E for everyone, also available on the Nintendo DS, which features multi-card play).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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