Let’s Golf 3D


The sharp graphics, touch screen options and easy to read icons make this golfing game easy to pick up and play while the challenging mechanics, optional ball spin and putting elements provide high level challenges.

Some noticeable glitches diminish the game a bit thought game developers usually offset these weaknesses with positive elements. For example, a camera option is noticeably missing here especially because the ball spin feature does not always match the camera view, so players cannot usually see where the ball is going and make the necessary adjustments.

Players use the familiar colored meter for each swing – the top part for power and second for accuracy. A white line marks the ideal swing spot. Hit that spot on regular swings, but go over it a little bit on putts. “Tee time” is even easier with text indicators (fairway, green, rough, etc.) showing where the ball will land. The putting meter only requires power and uses auto-putts for short distances. On short putts, the meter appears too quickly, so players have to react immediately. At least the meter mechanics constantly repeat so players do not hit it the first time.

Use the Free Hole (unlimited shots) to explore each of the six international courses, especially the frozen tundra and African courses. The graphics support the 3D effects well. Even the initial course overviews elevate the exciting gameplay. The environmental textures create great depth while the enhancing visual elements including helpful golf ball trails and different animals on each course. All eight male and female golfing characters have customizable options including unlockable items like clothing that function go beyond the aesthetics by improving each golfer’s performance.

Unlockable items, endless strategies, bonus challenges, and 108 different holes ensure a high replay value. The two-player mode is a nice option though players must pass the system back and forth to play. This high recommended game is a must-have for Nintendo 3DS users (***1/2 out of four stars; available exclusively on Nintendo eShop).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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