TRON Legacy

TronLegacy“Out there is a new world! Out there… is our destiny!”

Technology turns back the clock and quickens the pulse in this sequel to Disney’s 1982 sci-fi extravaganza Tron, which ushered a large wave of computer animation to film.

The compelling visuals take audiences on an engaging journey while stronger filmmaking elements (progression, logic, etc.) would have made a stronger film where characters struggle for power and release from a computer world.

Oscar® winning actor Jeff Bridges reprises his unique role as Kevin Flynn/Clu while Bruce Boxleitner also returns in a smaller, but still prominent role as Alan Bradley/Tron. Bridges’ past hero and villain performances prime audiences for his multiple roles in this quality film.

Garrett Hedlund plays Kevin’s son, Sam, who finds another world when searching for his father. Olivia Wilde plays Quorra who helps Sam while Michael Sheen has a memorable small role in a music club.

Jeffrey Nordling and Cillian Murphy also play important executives essential to the “real world” plot. Director Joseph Kosinski makes his feature film debut and will actually follow in Disney filmmaking footsteps by helming The Black Hole remake next.

Audiences can enjoy several supplementary interests including the advanced motor racing techniques, flashbacks/homages to the original film and classic computer programming references like “Clu” and “TRON” itself (TRace ON, but also from the word “electronic”). The electronic music group Daft Punk provides the exciting music and also cameo as masked music DJs.

Filmmakers used the 3D format and saved considerable special effects funds by placing special light strips directly on the costumes. They also used similar character “de-aging” technology seen in the 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Director co-writer Steven Lisberger, director and co-writer of the first Tron film, co-produced this 2 hour and six-minute thrill ride. Recommended (***) and rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language. Also showing in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D theaters.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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