Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Need a Mother’s day gift idea? There are a wide range of technology, appliances and even food to make a memorable Mother’s Day.

Fitbits are getting more common so try the Misfit Swarovski Shine activity tracker. It’s solar-powered, crystal formed (clear or violet) as a necklace or a bracelet that works with an app (iOS or Android). Features include exercise, sleep, weight and diet information.

The Fitbit Blaze helps users with their life by featuring scheduling features and special exercise motivations plus the GPS features helps moms find their way in the world any time.

Crank up the power anywhere with the Hand Crank Lantern that features two USB ports. It works as a stationary lantern or mobile spotlight featuring five LED lights.

Mobile moms can believe the Hype 2500mAh Solar Power Bank for mobile devices that charges by sun power and includes a micro USB cable so users can charge up devices. Available in red.

Moms who have the Power Wallet won’t have to bring a phone charger with them. The Power Wallet charges iPhones or Android phones and includes a USB charging cable, universal USB adapter, 30-pin iPhone adapter, and USB side port adapter.

Smart coffee makers like the one from Mr. Coffee use the free WeMo app to make a great brew from anywhere. Users have a 10-cup capacity and a stainless steel thermal carafe for a steady temperature all day.

Tired of vacuuming? iRobot continues their clean sweep of automatic, smart floor cleaners with the Scooba 450. It cleans hard floors on a 40-minute or 20-minute cycle including pre-soaking, scrubbing and squeeging. Smart navigation handles bumps, holes and stairs just fine. It also cuts down on household bacteria.

Music moms can get a great audio experience with the iMicro 2-piece two channel USB powered multimedia speaker set. Colored black and silver and includes a headphone jack.

The Amazon Echo is a tall, black wireless speaker that accepts voice commands through a 7-microphone setup and currently responds to “Alexa” (“Amazon” is the only other choice right now) using voice recognition to give Mom a helping hand.

Reading moms can try the lightweight Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader that features a 1,100 e-book capacity and anti-glare touch screen. The “X-ray” function expands the experience by letting users get additional information and learn more plus they can even tap on words and get definitions. The built-in adjustable light lets moms read any time of day and the battery lasts for weeks.

Photo printers like the HiTi Pringo Pocket WiFi let moms immediately share their picture-taking skills with family, friends and loved ones. It’s pocket-sized so mobile moms can print anywhere. Ink ribbon cartridges and photo paper pacs sold separately. Advanced moms can use the accompanying app (free on iOs or Android) to edit pictures.

Lead footed moms might like the Whistler XTR-658 Laser Radar Detector with total band protection. The 360-degree coverage also includes information alerts and filter modes that prevent false alerts.

Active Mom’s can take their shot on a GoPro channel appearance with the GoPro Hero4 Silver camera that’s waterproof and comfortably wearable for several great activities. Films in 1080p video with sharing options via WiFi and Bluetooth.

Looking for food. The new Krave meat products put women in mind with flavors like black cherry barbecue, basil citrus, sweet chipotle, and grilled sweet teriyaki. The SoFit fruit and protein bar line use protein-coated sunflower seeds and almonds.

Have a happy Mother’s Day.

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