The Bachelor


This concept movie tries for genuine laughs and feelings, but only gives the audience a few of these moments.  The movie does give some memorable visual shots and special effects, especially near the end of the film.

Most of the visual elements in the movie have more humor in them than most of the jokes and dialogue coming from the characters.  Jimmie Shannon (Chris O’ Donnell) plays the rich bachelor who will lose his inheritance (100 million big ones) unless he marries before his 30th birthday which is…of course…the next day.  This situation keeps the plot moving at a quick pace while Jimmie learns valuable lessons while searching for his true love.

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Esposito, and Brooke Shields have amusing cameos as potential brides and James Cromwell delights as the preacher (too bad he doesn’t have more lines).

The plot has many stereotypical situations and dabbles in gender issues between men and women, but ultimately comes down to the relationship between Jimmie and his love interest, Ann, played by Renee Zellweger.

The Bachelor has good cinematography from Simon Archer (Call The Midwife TV series) and aesthetic strengths which make up for weak chemistry between the lead characters.  Zellweger seems a bit uncomfortable as the female romantic lead in many scenes.

Keep a lighthearted attitude about the unrealistic elements of the movie and you’ll enjoy it more.  After all, it’s only a movie.  A large exterior scene near the end is particularly memorable only because of it’s base work the 1925 film Second Chances starring Buster Keaton as Jimmie Shannon and play of the same name.  Seven Chance playwright and screenwriters get story credit for this modern adaptation that didn’t reach its potential (** out of four stars).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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