Air Force One

AirForceOneFinally a president who can kick some serious butt!  Harrison Ford stars as James Marshall, President of the United States in this great action film directed by Wolfgang Peterson (Perfect Storm, In The Line of Fire) and co-starring the great Gary Oldman (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) as the antagonist Egor Korshunov.

Ford is totally believable as the President as Peterson uses a lot of close camera shots to show Ford weaving around the plane making smart decisions and dangerous risks in order to assist his wife Grace, played by Wendy Crewson (The 6th Day) and daughter Alice, played by Leisel Matthews (Little Princess) and his fellow crew members.

Viewers get a first hand view of some of the president’s duties and the functions of Air Force One throughout the plot.  A very realistic film that puts the audience right into a tense situation with terrorists led by the vengeful Egor.

Originally released in 1997, Air Force One got a royal treatment with Superbit™ DVD technology, which emulates a first-rate theater experience.  Yes, the latter Blu-ray quality is better, but the Superbit technology is worth revisiting.

Extras are typically the “frosting on the cake” for DVDs and it’s fine if you like that, but this technology provides a different, richer frosting on a quality film.  The “Why DVD came out in the first place?”feature gives viewers a better presentation at home what Superbit™ DVD technology does on a high level.

The sound, picture quality, and overall performance greatly enhances Air Force One.  The Superbit™ DVD technology would be an ideal choice for movies and films that you watch repeatedly.  The film gets a lot of performance enhancement that’s especially apparent on home theater systems.

The great supporting cast includes William H.Macy (Fargo), Xander Berkeley (Shanghai Noon), Glenn Close (Fatal Attraction, 101 Dalmatians), and Dean Stockwell (TV’s Quantum Leap).

Writer Andrew Marlowe (End of Days) puts a lot of tension and excitement into the plot that’s both realistic and emotional.  The plot is easy to follow and leads to a spectacular finale.  The entire film crew should be especially commended for set design and special effects that blend well with the action filled plot. Air Force One was filmed in Washington, D.C.; Cleveland, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio, Mansfield, Ohio; California, and Moscow, Russia.

Air Force One comes recommended (*** out of four stars) is rated R for violence and language.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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  1. txa1265 says:

    I have always liked this one – it came out while we were in the midst of having babies … so no theater view for us 🙂 But saw it on VHS and I have watched it on cable/Amazon/Netflix several times since … nice review!


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