“Earth is a memory worth fighting for.”

This sci-fi adventure epic, based on Joseph Kosinski’s graphic novel, is set during a futuristic version of Earth in 2077. Tom Cruise, Andrea Riseborough (Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Bloodline TV series), Morgan Freeman and native Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) star.

Karl Gajdusek (November Man) and Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine) write the screenplay while director/producer Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) and his crew complete an amazing work with great connections and closure.

Presented elements have great purpose, developed characters provoke high interest and the plot provokes and prods audience emotions and beliefs. Amazing camerawork, memorable sound, unpredictable plot and incredible vehicles/tech.


Strong acting skills anchor this quality film headlining Cruise who plays Jack Harper plays an equipment repairmen/pilot with his teammate and lover, Victoria “Vika” Olsen, played by Riseborough. Victoria supervises and communicates with the “Tet”, which is a space station that relays all human survivors to Titan, which is a colony orbiting the planet Saturn. Jack and Victoria’s ultimate goal is to reach Titan after they complete their mission.

Jack dutifully monitors Earth after a great war. He constantly questions his past in flashbacks and dreams while various characters appear to reveal connections to his past and the overall war.


Freeman plays a key character named Beech while Kurylenko plays Julia, a mysterious woman whom Jack encounters during a routine patrol. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) plays Skykes and Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Prisoners) plays Sally.

The “scav” alien invasion, current state of the moon, Earth’s survival, memory management, advanced “scavenger” machines, and energy fusion methods all factor into this intriguing plot, which creates amazing and authentic emotional experiences.

The outstanding special effects blend seamlessly with the actions while premiere set-design (e.g. the high-rise house where Jack and Victoria operate). The action sequences amaze especially where Jack is fighting drones in an ice canyon. Audiences get visceral sensations as the characters experience amazing scenarios.

M83’s electronic music score provides a great sense of triumph and hope that matches major characters’ save the world or die trying attitudes.

Filmmakers advance the plot well while providing important cues/hints for viewers. Revelations and naturally developing surprises permeate the plot leading to a satisfying ending. Highly recommended (***1/2 out of four stars) and rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, brief strong language, and some sensuality/nudity.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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