Nintendo Switch Week Three

Spring is here, but we got our first freeze on our Nintendo Switch. Still, it was quickly solved by taking the memory card out then re-inserting (holding the power button didn’t work).

We haven’t had any controller (Joy-Com) issues yet. Nintendo has stated (even warned) that players using the Switch within a short distance (about a meter) from other wireless devices might cause the Joy-Cons to disconnect from the Switch. The Joy-Cons use a Bluetooth signal to communicate with the Switch. Other potential interference areas also include behind a TV, metal object, or near a fish tank (wireless signals will seriously degrade when traveling through bodies of water). Just move further away (at least three or four feet) and/or or shut down wireless devices.

Now let’s talk Wifi for a moment. At first the Switch would not even recognize our Wifi. After some helpful customer support, it works now…just not well even when very close to the router. Adding the Switch’s MAC address to approved devices did not work either. Sometimes waiting several minutes works, but the best solution is using the USB to LAN connector, which Nintendo still has a low supply.

Finally an issue with the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game…well, actually the amiibos – the game is fantastic (review coming soon!). Finally progressed enough to do something with an amiibo, but found it has to be one of the new amiibos, not our existing? How about some backwards compatibility even with a less rewarding experience?

Even with those issues, The Nintendo Switch comes recommended for our family. We’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Look for our next update and have a great week!

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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