monsterinlaw“Solid, lightweight comedy touched with warm romance”

Jennifer Lopez plays Charlotte “Charlie”, a multitasking temp worker who falls in love with Kevin, played by Michael Vartan (TV’s Alias). Kevin’s a sweet, caring doctor who becomes the focal point of his mother’s life after an important, life-changing event.

Wanda Sykes plays Ruby, Viola’s personal assistant/confidante, and provides solid comedic support with plenty of one-liners as the character you can most closely identify with amid Viola’s privileged lifestyle.

The plot devotes the first third for the budding couple, then focuses on Viola, then Kevin unfortunately fades into the background. It’s a great feature for the two female leads – Fonda, an established success returning to the screen in a high profile role, and Lopez who’s reaching for the next level in her highly popular career. Lopez holds her own in her scenes with Fonda as each woman’s profession factors into their behaviors and actions well.

Filmmakers have no trouble pulling off the romantic elements with two highly attractive leads and this one hours and 34 minute film moves briskly amid plausible time gaps and life events.

This enjoyable movie has great themes, soft cinematography and a nice music soundtrack – all prerequisites of the wedding/romantic comedy film genre. There are also nice themes such as reflecting on the direction of one’s life regarding family life, spirit, karma and learning from the past.

Recommended with reservations (**1/2 out of four stars) and rated PG-13 for language, alcohol use and sexual references.  Look for an important surprise cameo from an experienced comedic actress.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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