This action/sci-fi/horror film has great closure and explanation of elements presented in the four Alien films so far while breaking out into a parallel storyline. Prometheus is the fifth Alien film and acts as a prequel for the first film in the series.

Director Ridley Scott returns to directing duties anchored again by another strong female character, a scientist named Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows). Shaw’s colleague and romantic interest Charlie Holloway, played by Logan Marshall-Green, joins her on the expedition mission to possibly find human origins on a ship named Prometheus.

This mission was funded by the familiar Weyland Corporation as Meredith Vickers, played by Charlize Theron, represents the Weyland Corporation’s interests on-site. Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland, the corporation’s founder while Michael Fassbender (X-Men First Class) plays David – a unique character standard in many other Alien films. The supporting crew members all have their moments while Idris Elba impresses as the ship captain named Janek.

The plot from screenwriters Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof sustains a strong, even tone throughout the film. The expedition mission quickly turns into a life-and-death situation as the archaeological finds and their perceived intentions result in some intense scenarios. Characters address their basic existence with various inquires among the smooth flowing action sequences.

Marc Streitenfeld creates a subtle, yet memorable musical score that does not try to scare audiences at every turn. Scott and his crew match each situation scary with sharp visuals, cinematography, and remarkably smooth camera shots. Scott utilizes some fade-in shots very well, especially near the end, while addresses themes on theology, faith, and overall life purpose.

This highly recommended film 124 sci-fi epic (***1/2) delivers a memorable experience and is rated R for brief language, sci-fi violence including some intense sequences and images. Also played in 3D and IMAX 3D theaters.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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