PlayStation 2

Nostalglic Note: Originally releases in October 2000. Picked mine up on the now defunct On-Cue on Airport highway in Toledo, Ohio. 🙂

Yes it’s finally here…PlayStation 2 (PS2), the most exciting, multi-faceted game system yet combing DVDs, CDs, new PlayStation 2 games, and regular PlayStation games.  This surprisingly small system has a sleek design in black complete with cooling vents with an optional blue stand for vertical display.  The only weakness of the system is the use of a cordless remote, but don’t fret, there are plans to provide cordless remotes for the system in the future.  The current remote control for the PlayStation 2 is basically your game controller which may take some hands-on orientation before you can make expert presentations to your friends. Keep in mind that the PS2s sold in the blue box have only one controller inside.

Overall, the system is ideal for anyone already into PlayStation games, mainly because: (a) you don’t have to upgrade your regular PlayStation games and (b) it’s a great way to jump on the DVD bandwagon.

The better your TV (like digital TV), the better your presentation of the PS2.  Sony makes it clear in the PS2 manual that you have a good media setup for optimal performance.  For instance, they recommend that you don’t set up the PS2 through a VCR because it will reduce the overall picture quality.

There are many different set-up variations in the manual.  I envy the people with the audio/video plugs on their TV (I only have them on the back of my VCR).  It took a while to set up my PS2 because I only had a coaxial input on the TV, but eventually got a RFU modulator to plug in the three cords (yellow, white, & red) and was off and running with Madden 2001 (PS2).   Don’t worry about set up though because there’s only two cords for the PS2.

Once you’re set up, be careful how you load discs into the PS2.  Put your finger through the middle hole of the disc and Make sure to catch the bottom lip of the disk holder before you press the load button if you have the PS2 in the vertical position.  The system also works well horizontally, but the vertical position is so unique and fun.

An asking price of $299 is fairly reasonable if you add up the separate costs of a CD player, a DVD player, and a gaming system.  This system gave me an upgrade of a CD player bought in 1986 and allowed me to initiate my DVD and PlayStation experience.  The PS2 allows you to play music tracks in a specified or random order.  You can also repeat a single track or all tracks.

Some possible capabilities of the PS2 in the future include various modem and hard drive uses.  This system was worth the money for me.  The possibilities and applications of the PS2 seem endless.  These systems will probably, and unfortunately, take the definition of game/media addict to new levels.  Take the PS2 in good fulfilling doses and enjoy the variety of choices it gives you.

8MB memory cards for the PS2 are priced around $35.  You can still use PlayStation memory cards so you won’t lose your hard earned hours (ha ha).  The main menu shows you options for checking, copying, and deleting game data.  Remember you can copy PlayStation memory data to PS2 cards, but PS2 data will not save on PlayStation memory cards.  The main menu also has options for screen size, time/date, language, digital resources, and other setup functions.

I got some good extras with my PS2 and quickly understood how lucky I was to get one today.  The constant stream of potential PS2 owners flooding stores and praise from media store workers was amazing.  Make sure to read the manual and enjoy.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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