Green Lantern

“No matter how bad things get, something good is out there, just over the horizon…”

Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal) stars as Hal Jordan, a military airplane pilot who becomes the Green Lantern in this D.C. comic action adaptation. Hal joins this special group as the first human and battles a new enemy called Parallax.

Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clarke Duncan voice others in the group while Blake Lively plays Hal’s love interest/childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris.

Tim Robbins, Mark Strong, and Angela Bassett also have notable supporting roles, but the best performance comes from Peter Sarsgaard (Flightplan) as an underused Hector Hammond. Strong is great as Sinestro, but also underused. The villain configuration should have been totally redone.

Director Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro) handles the special effects well, but the story and overall effect is not as good as Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series or even Brian Singer’s Superman Returns film. The weakly constructed story relies on situations and suffers from actions going against character that never let the movie take hold on the audience.

Audiences may not have superhero movie fatigue yet, but this one-hour and 54 minute film unfortunately will not impress even diehard fans plus needed more visual show power and less telling explanations.

This superhero movie never meets its potential, especially when compared to other recent superhero films from DC Comics/WB and Marvel Studios. Not recommended (*1/2 out of four stars) and rated PG-13 for violence and some profanity.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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