NCAA Football 2005

Another fantastic football experience from Electronic Arts that features several new options that enhance overall gameplay. One to four players can enjoy this sports game offline (more with on-line capabilities). You can increase your new home field advantage element by making good plays and signaling to the crowd which then makes your controller and even the screen shake at the highest level.

A related component, player composure, has a tremendous effect on gameplay. For example, visiting team players with low composure will get rattled when the home field advantage reaches a high level. You can always take a timeout and even have the quarterback talk to certain players to increase their composure, but it’s usually best to start with a confident, experienced team roster.

Composure becomes important in match-ups as well. Players can exploit weaknesses by checking their opponents’ composure level before the snap by using the “matchup stick”. Punishing hits can affect a player’s composure level, but you risk missing the tackles all together. The defensive controls allow you to cycle through best players instead their position of the field while fake pitches and other new elements enhance the execution of running option plays. Other elements include hot routes for running plays and the option to view celebrations of players, fans or mascots.

The on-line modes can display real-time sports scores of actual games and player games for an even better experience. You can build your team with a 1A, 1AA or historic roster and create schools, players, playbooks and even customized signs for fans. The dynasty mode even gives you the option to recruit non-football athletes and divides the budget among recruit, training and discipline activities.

Players always have the option to create extremely detailed teams while tracking their statistics, breaking records and acquiring trophies. This highly recommended game features Larry Fitzgerald of the Pittsburgh Panthers on the cover and has on-line capabilities for all consoles except the Nintendo GameCube. Available on PS2, Xbox, PC, and GameCube. Recommended and rated E.

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1 Response to NCAA Football 2005

  1. Pouria M says:

    NCAA Football 2005 was actually the first football game I’ve ever played. Now this sport is not traditional in where I live and thus finding the game was very hard. I remember knowing nothing about football but still learned one or two thing from this game. I remember my first match in it, and how I lost miserably knowing nothing about the game! thanks for sharing this post


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