The Pirate Fairy

This new animated Tinkerbell origin series continues with the main character Tinkerbell, voiced again by Mae Whitman, and her friends encountering a new world with pirates at Skull Rock in The Pirate Fairy.

Silvermist, voiced by Lucy Liu; Iridessa, voiced by Raven-Symone; Rosetta, voiced by Megan Hilty who takes over for the previous voice by Kristin Chenoweth; Fawn, voiced by Angela Bartys; and Vidia, voiced by Pamela Adlon must help Tinkerbell along with Terrance, voiced by Jeese McCartney and her fellow “tinkers” Bobble, voiced by Rob Paulsen, and Clank, voiced by Jeff Bennett. Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, Thor) provides the voice of a key boy character named James as audience get more of Peter Pan’s world revealed to them.

In this follow-up to the fourth film Secret of the Wings (a.k.a. Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods), Tinkerbell’s five fairy friends and fellow tinkers provide great moments of heroism as they find themselves in new situations because of an intelligent dust keeping fairy named Zarina, voiced by Christina Hendricks. Most of the comedy stems from this close group of fairies friends having their powers switched among each other.

Filmmakers draw from past installments in this film series, especially when including the blue fairy dust and its properties. The conflicts are memorable, but mild, which won’t traumatize very young viewers. The writers create a great sense of exploration and problem solving that engages viewers. This recommended (*** out of four stars) DisneyToons Blu-ray set (also available on DVD) has great extra features complimenting a high quality, all-ages film that is rated G.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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