F1 2014

Take the pole position to relive the 65th 2014 Formula One season with Codemasters’ racing simulation game F1 2014which is widely available at a reduced price.

Players can experience a full season that includes seven races and 12 race options in F1 2014. Players experience the 2014 Formula One racing season and/or compete online or offline against other players.

The young drivers test provides a great one-lap tutorial for novices then evaluated, which greatly reduces the learning curve that intimidates many players in F1 games. Here players can immediately learn, get on team or drive in a non-pressure environment. Still too hard? Try the new very easy difficulty level.

Race, career and scenario modes are in while classic mode is out. The career mode lets players try a full season, 7-race, or 12-race experiences. Players can adjust the number of laps to be completed in every race to truncate the season more if desired. The scenario mode uses historical moments and special challenges to refine player skills and reward them with medals. The classic content is missed here. Players used to be able to drive historic Formula One cars around historic tracks.

RaceNet, the free online racing community hub, connects players to the multiplayer/online scenarios and includes detailed statistics, leaderboards, friend notifications and fantasy scenarios. The two-player split-screen racing has a maximum 16-player racing plus eight AI drivers across different game modes.

The Russian Grand Prix at Sochi Autodrom, Bahrain Grand Prix, which includes a full day / night transition, and Austrian track are more great additions.

The dynamic weather condition scenarios and graphics are impressive while the convenient flashback option help players avoid restarts when they make mistakes. Use the flashbacks wisely because they are in limited supply.

The graphics have amazing details as the cars, drivers, and tracks reflect the game’s strong physics that also get a boost from the new turbochargers that help players overtake rivals easier. It’s an immersive simulation experience that feels real and excites the senses.

Hard-core players should know F1 2014 still has strong challenges, but the various driving assistance options help drive new players through a great experience as they learn what a quality game series they might have been missing.

Developed and published by Codemasters, F1 2014 has appealing worldwide environments, new tracks, and impressive physics that should also appeal to Indianapolis 500 fans as everyone can get an exciting experience from this quality racing simulation game.

Also available on PC and Xbox 360. F1 2014 is at Amazon and other stores

Players will enjoy accomplished feelings when completing considerable challenges, the booming sounds, dynamic weather conditions, realistic physics and custom race options. The realistic driving experience, amazing sound effects and variety in Scenario mode also add appeal while the learning curve for novices and character visuals needs notable improvement. Recommended (*** out of four stars) and rated E for everyone.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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