Dead Space 3 Limited Edition

In Dead Space 3 Limited Edition, players can “uncover the past and embark on a thrilling expedition to save mankind”.

This survival, sci-fi sequel again focuses on teaming up as engineer Isaac Clarke and new character John Carver, voice by Ricardo Chavira (TV’s Desperate Housewives) battle the game series’ familiar antagonists – the Necromorphs who are basically human experiments gone bad.

The third person shooter action occurs on the icy planet Tau Volantis. Developers create some amazing backgrounds and breathtaking environments here that can really enact the emotional core during gameplay. Equipment holds up surprisingly well considering the conditions as players choose among four difficulty levels beginning at casual.

The thrills have not gone as the action elements ramp up. A mysterious entity initiates even more endless waves of enemies, which include new human enemies, new creatures, and various environmental hazards like falling debris.

Oxygen amounts remain a vitally important variable while zero gravity, dementia, and Tau Volantis’ unique moon are also important elements. Character relationships include one between Issac Clarke, voiced again by Gunner Wright, and Ellie Langford, voice again by Sonita Henry, while the strong voice acting anchors the plot well.

The impressive and familiar resource integration gear (RIG) suit provides a helpful resource window amid the horror based action. Other bonus suits include a witness suit, first combat suit, and even a Mass Effect 3 suit.

Aim with L1 button then hold it and shoot with R1 button. The new stasis ability packs a punch while the new controlled actions allow Isaac and Carver to roll and take cover, which adds nice evasion options amid the often intense fighting. The cover functions impresses because players do not need to press a button to activate the cover action, which also works naturally without any frustrating hiccups. Use the R3 button for direct crouches too.

The kinesis ability remains with a lessened impact due to the increased action elements. Players often won’t have time to use kinesis though it still provides a nice way to save ammunition. New, creative ways to use kinesis could have enhanced the tension, actions, and overall emotions during gameplay. Players can still fight off baddies with melee (R1 when not holding L1) and stomp (R2).

The weapons system and weapons bench encourage experimentation. Players can collect parts then build, customize, and modify their own weapons for use and to share. This system has thousands of combinations, so the possibilities are endless.

Begin weapons building with a compact or heavy tool frame then continues customizing the upper tool, adapter, upper adapter, lower tool, lower adapter, and two attachments. Players can also modify existing blueprints, which includes some familiar classic weapons from the two previous installments in this quality game series. Crafted weapons can also be shared in co-op mode.

The drop-in/drop-out online co-op campaign mode works well (chat option available and online pass required) and includes additional surprises, so players have incentive to experience it, especially as Sgt. John Carver. This mode also adds considerable replay value and saves players from backtracking and/or playing catch-up.

Dead Space 3 has great options and gameplay flexibility with genuinely energetic moments like an outstanding crash sequence. Plan on long gameplay sessions amid sporadic save stations, which fits well into the cinematic plot. James Hannigan and Dead Space 2 composer James Graves continue the team theme in their work on the memorable musical scores that enhance the entire experience in just the right spots.

This limited edition of Dead Space 3 includes two bonus suits and two bonus weapons. Dead Space 3 is also available on PC and Xbox 360 with Kinect capabilities including reloading and quick heal. No PlayStation Move support for this PlayStation 3 version.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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