Mike Myers has a stand-out supporting role in this average movie about the dance club made famous in the 70s and 80s, Studio 54.  Ryan Phillippe stars as a young man who yearns to get out of his home and experience life.  He gets his wish when he goes with his friends to 54 and is handpicked by the doorman there which eventually leads to a bartending job that puts some stress on his family life at home.

He encounters other characters, some famous (a movie star played by Neve Campbell) and some wanting fame (aspiring dancer played by Salma Hayek).  The interior scene in the restaurant between Phillippe and Campbell was very awkward and had some odd dialogue you wouldn’t normally find in a conversation.

At first, I had a hard time really caring about his quest to fit into this society which eventually self destructs which was the whole point of the movie.  Have materialistic dreams and you get materialistic results.

The best scene that reflects the point of the movie is when the lights go back on after a tragedy and the party continues.  This scene shows how the illusions of the characters create an environment where everyone loves them, but when real life problems (like drugs and alcohol) enter the relationship they find that no one really cares for them.  This scene also represents a turning point for Phillippe’s character as he sees the errors of his ways and hates the destruction produced at the cost of the illusion of club life happiness.

By the end all the characters come to their senses too easily to be realistic which hurts the believability of the movie (if that’s an issue for you). Recommended with reservations (** out of four stars) and rated R for for strong sexuality, drug use and language

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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