Barry Watson (TV’s 7th Heaven) stars in Boogeyman, as Tim Jensen, a troubled associate editor who must revisit his past as he faces his ultimate fear in a story that teeters between realistic situations and the supernatural.

Ghost House Pictures creates yet another credible spook fest full of jumps and scares that adds credibility to the popular genre (for now) while exposing a new generation of audiences to the work of producer Sam Raimi.

The memorable receptionist who refuses to pay for all those pizzas in Spider-Man 2, Emily Deschanel, plays Tim’s childhood friend Kate.

Other supporting roles include child actor Skye Bartusiak (Riding in Cars With Boys, Against the Ropes) as Franny and an almost unrecognizable Lucy Lawless who plays Mary Jensen.

Director Stephen T. Kay (Get Carter and TV’s The Shield) and his fellow filmmakers provide economically produced thrills in familiar settings (motels, creeping houses, etc.).

Eric Kripke (TV’s Tarzan) wrote the story and co-wrote a fairly engaging screenplay. Set in Pennsylvania, the story has some pacing issues and predictable scares (most notably a coffin scene) but uses some symbolism and tests the audience’s range of knowledge with some creative twists.

Raimi ally Joseph LoDuca greatly enhances the action with a haunting music score full of well-timed basses and quick bursts of stringed instruments.

Recommended with reservations (**1/2 out of four stars) and rated PG-13 for intense sequences of horror and terror/violence, and some partial nudity. Be sure to stay after the ending credits for an extra scene. Followed by two direct-to-video sequels.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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