2018 Technology Holiday Gift Guide

Technology can enhance your holidays, so check out this gift guide to navigate your way to a joyous Christmas gift giving experience.

Before anyone gets their stuff, you need something sturdy to hold everything. Solo backpacks have everyone have everyone covered with a wide variety of lightweight backpacks that are perfect for hauling around your daily essentials – all equipped with padded laptop compartments. The high-quality materials hold up to rough wear and is ideal for students, outdoor adventurers, gamers, professionals, travelers, bikers, hikers, dancers, and many others.

Give the gift of learning with the monthly Bitsbox packages and inspire the future coding gurus of the world at https://bitsbox.com.

With so much media going digital these days, storage is key. Storage currently averages about 65 cents per gigabyte (GB). USB thumb drives, SD cards and external drives like Western Digital’s 2TB Elements portable external hard drive, are plentiful, so be sure to shop around for quality and quantity. Check it out by clicking here: https://amzn.to/2vG3O0c.

Charger up in two hours with the new COAL Catalyst portable charger that features a 3-headed adapter cable — with micro, type C and lightning heads to meet all charging needs. Available in two sizes and five distinctive designs/color palettes.

The A-Champs ROXS 2S, available exclusively at https://www.playroxs.com, gets one or more people of all ages moving with a nice mix of new experiences and playground classics. This system connects to a free app (iOS and Android), so there is no need for a screen plus users will get new experiences every month.

These fun experiences can be enjoyed inside or outdoors thanks to durable components and decent connectivity. The interactive options are numerous and fun for all ages. Accessories for the base include a special band where users can tie it to a tree, other object, or even a person. The ROXS 2S is made from durable, shock resistant material used in fighter jets. The base included a speaker and glowing light, which adds considerable appeal.

Connectivity can be a challenge for outside play, but we did not encounter any issue when keep the app-activated device within about 30 yards of the base. This system also includes eight bright yellow PEBBs, which resemble a very durable guitar pick and have various animal characters printed on them. The PEBBS also contain an RFID chip and a QR code on the outside.

The Sky Portable battery base for Amazon Echo 2 is a great portable and cordless accessory so you can take Alexa anywhere for up to eight hours of unplugged use.

Need portable power for smartphones? The MyCharge Unplugged8K has 2 USB ports plus two bonus USB-A ports so users can wirelessly charge up as many as three devices simultaneously anywhere and comes pre-charged.

Get the best audio experience on the go with The BONX Grip for Apple iOS 8 devices or later and Android 4.3 or later. This state of the art Bluetooth earpiece allows cellular network based group communication with up to 10 friends. This multifunction sports earbud and microphone has unlimited range and utilizes wireless Bluetooth and noise cancelling technology.

BONX users can film videos directly through the app and capture real-time chat between all users, regardless of distance – all at the same time! Designed for weekend warriors and outdoor athletes, BONX can make group activities more fun and memorable.

The foldable, multiuse My Flip Shade accessory lets users see their device screen in bright sunlight and can also be used as phone stand, privacy provider, and even a phone umbrella Just lift and click into place.

Edifier’s E255 5.1 Luna Eclipse active speaker system packs a high-quality, 385-watt punch with a Ferrari red design and 5.1 surround sound with wireless components for a clutter free set-up. No detailed expertise is required for set-up either since no calibrations are needed with this quality system. Just place components somewhere accessible, especially when pairing wireless components to the main component.

Edifier’s S880 speakers prove that it is possible to pack a lot of tech into a smaller footprint without sacrificing sound quality. Convenient controls in the back and a display on the front plus an infrared remote control with buttons for power, volume, source selection, track controls (USB/Bluetooth inputs only) and four pre-defined EQ settings (Dynamic, Vocal, Classic and Monitor).

Edifier is also introducing its first ever set of passive speakers, the P12. These passive speakers use market-proven MDF enclosures engineered to reduce cabinet resonance. The P12 is designed to fit perfectly on shelves, desktops and the walls, with a wall-mount bracket built-into each speaker allowing for use as rear channel or surround speakers. Click the link to check them out on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Bc53t4

The comfortable Kidz Gear headphones and Wired Headphones and Boom Headphones at http://www.GearForKidz.com are durable and affordable plus feature a unique boom microphone. Kidz Gear also offers a Gear Up For Education! discount available for schools and libraries. Check out https://www.amazon.com/Kidz-Gear-Bluetooth-Stereo-Headphones/dp/B016UCT4DK/

The MTS™ – Multi Threat Shield looks like a laptop computer bag, but is actually the lightest, most discreet, compact, versatile, and affordable ballistic shield of its kind. This 7-pound rapid deployable shield strong enough to defend against multiple impacts from handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub­machine guns, as well as attacks from knives and blunt objects.

The Ring Wi-fi enabled doorbell records video from wherever it’s mounted and has a lifetime theft protection and infrared night vision so you have can have security and piece of mind 24 hours a day all year.

Polaroid continues their strong tradition of instant images with their Snap Instant Digital Camera that has printing technology that produces 2 x 3 inch pictures directly from this special camera without any computer connection, ink, ribbon, or toner cartridges.

Keep track of your devices with the Bluetooth-enabled, sound emitting Tile device. Just attach this small wonder to valuable items then track them using the easy-to-use app to track them down when they are lost.

Can’t hear the TV well? The two-level AccuVoice AV201 speaker uses patented hearing aid technology for impressive clarity that reduces background sounds.

The Boxer interactive AI robot includes several accessories and lets users interact through the app or gesture, sound, and touch controls.

Do a dinner and a movie with the Sinemia movie ticket subscription service (starting at $4.99 a month) as they team up with Restaurant.com for a deal for each new subscriber (one-year subscription). Check it out at www.sinemia.com.

Dr. Panda HomeDesigner is the first in a series of augmented reality-powered toys that bridge physical and digital play. This free app works with a special kit with special markers and flashcards. Users can install the app on up to three devices at the same time. Click here to check it out: https://amzn.to/2nDL5hp. Dr. Panda Town: Pet World expands the series with creativity and storytelling.

Sensors Alive is an app-based video game where you learn about light, volume, and temperature using real-world sensor data for some amazing experiences.

*Note – this site is an Amazon affiliate. So, if you click from our links and buy this product (or any product on Amazon), I do receive a few pennies on your purchases. Thanks for your support.

Have a great holiday season!

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