Dance Factory

Codemasters brings dancing games home with an amazing title called Dance Factory, which utilizes your own compact disc collection. Players can pound away pounds more privately or create a dancing party for up to 16 people!

In this exclusive PlayStation 2 title, your personal music collection creates the content to produce dance game sequences compatible with dance mats and related controllers.

Even if you have no access to CDs or recently lost your entire collection in an accident, five licensed tracks are provided from the following artists: Tim McGraw, Kool and the Gang, Bodyrockers, Rihanna and Pussycat Dolls.

Before you start the process, make sure you have plenty of space on your memory cards if you want to keep your musical masterpieces. Also, avoid the incorporation of any scratched/damaged CDs.

It’s also very helpful to use mix/compilation CDs that have many of your chosen songs to avoid unnecessary clutter. You might want to just pull a tower/shelf or, better yet, a handy CD case/folder close to your PS2.

Now, how does the process work? Great navigation takes you through the simple steps where players insert their selected music (compact disc format – helpful prompts supplied) during the game.

You then select your tracks and map out the dance moves. Game producers provide a puzzle game called “Cubrix” to pass any loading time. Finally, save your dance sequences and start stepping!

Other game modes include: normal (single tracks with occasionally annoying background themes), endurance, and fitness (complete with option calorie counter).

The multiplayer mode includes freestyle, battle (versus and/or cooperative) and elimination tournaments for up to 16 players. If you’re hosting a dance party, have the tracks ready before beginning, so you don’t make people wait.

Now for the physical part of the game, the dance mat/controller; I used my Fighting Arena floor mat controller (first used for Jackie Chan Stuntmaster and Dynasty Warriors on PlayStation… oh, memories). I suggest a durable dance pad with the arrows close together.

You can be DJ and/or choreographer using several different musical styles, including children’s music and techno. Choose among three difficulty settings and rack up points for bonuses like creature outfits.

Unlock bonuses/option using your accrued points and create/modify special creatures that can dance in the background.

Dance Factory also has compatible EyeToy options that really increase the level of game play with more physical action and coordination challenges. Highly recommended and rated E (for everyone) – mild lyrics.

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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