Do We Still Need Professional Critics?

“If my opinion as a layperson is seen as credible and valid then why do we even need professional critics?” My amazing wife gave me this great line when I was wrestling with how to summarize this recent issue.

Box office expectations was also recently on the docket, but this one hit home since I’m a media reviewer/critic myself. For the answer to this question, I feel people are free to read any review they want…

The media is free to use whatever review they want

Critics are free to be critiqued themselves (hopefully constructively)…

and by each other

There are so many factors here particularly all the user opinions that have contributed to the creation of aggregate review sites including Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes) that blend user opinions with actual critic reviews.

At the basics, critics experience more media than a regular person. They usually know the filmmaking terms, positions, and other related elements. Critics can save the viewers time and offer an appealing perspective close to the viewer.

We need critics in every field if we want that field to have high quality and positive purpose. The three most important elements when looking at reviews are credibility, objectivity, and logic.

With a currently low credibility of user reviews (people who haven’t even seen the film chiming in, misinformative writing, lack of accuracy, etc.)

Critics have objective, informed opinions to share. They know the history and can point us towards the future with their insight. Critics have a more comprehensive view due to their experience. Critics help determine films that are extraordinary (or not) and the reasons why they are.

Sometimes readers simply cannot logically understand what’s going on where the critic does while following their own voice, style, opinions, and passions, which may not always line-up with mainstream media consumers.

Media critics and any critic is needed to promote a quality medium, especially with such a low credibility of user reviews (people who haven’t even seen the film chiming in, misinformed writing, rampant inaccuracies, etc.). Everyone can be a critic, which can also be an advantage. For example, check out the most discussed media (good, bad and ugly) for a more extensive experience.

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