Accountability Guide

These unique times can make us isolated, which can make us weaker. We need prayer, confession, and encouragement now more than ever.

If you’re providing these important necessities to others, then remember the following: Be there for the person, these interactions are not like a program or a task on a checklist. Be sincere and obedient. Keep a Biblical focus on growth and honesty while giving grace in failure. Communicate daily and keep a list. Update the list with action expected (from both/all), especially when something troubling happens.

I’ve used the following base questions:

  • Have you had your devotions faithfully?
  • What was the most tempting thing you encountered online since we last spoke?”
  • Any list/report highlights?
  • What did God teach you through His Word this last week?
  • Have you been pure in your thought life?
  • What sin did you battle with this week?
  • Did God give you victory in an unexpected way?
  • What do you anticipate will be a battle in the coming week?
  • Did you share your faith with someone?
  • Are you being honest with others (social, financial, etc.)?
  • How have you matured spiritually?
  • How is your family life?
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