A Way to Look At Assessment in Our World

Essential or non-essential? This question has reached a new stage in our way of life during this COVID-19 pandemic. Have we been assessed as essential? If not, do we think it was a fair assessment? Who decides if my profession is essential? How do we disagree with these assessments? When have I been deemed essential or non-essential in the past? Why couldn’t society find enough value in my profession/work to deem me essential?

Hopefully, we can treat others with love, grace, and objectivity as we assess, but it’s obviously an emotional concept. It can get personal. We can struggle with inadequacy or pride in this case.

As I reflect on this question, I have another – in what ways does our society assess things? … anything.

We all have to live in this world. If you find something you don’t like (e.g. people’s trigger-happy condemnation) you can’t just fight the entire world. We can at least engage, by looking at different ways the world is working, particularly in assessment.

Systems of assessment should always be considered in the past, present, and future, so research and a bit of forecasting factor is helpful here, but, as a writer, I reflected and produced a simple system to look at assessment in verbs, adjectives, and nouns that we can all use. Check out the example below (using a simple example, not work/profession):

e.g. gardens

Practical/effective/useful (verbs) – sustaining

Beliefs/character/views (adjectives) – productive

Intelligence/wisdom (nouns) – resource

Think of your own examples. Look around our world for examples to plug-in this system then close your eyes and populate your answers in this system. Partner up with a scribe or helper and vice versa.

I’m excited to expand my simple system in my life as I engage our ever-changing world. Use your own personal lense with examples. Stay safe and healthy.

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