Taking Stress Out of Our Lives

High-stress situations expose our behaviors, especially when reaching our limits. It reveals our basic human instincts and challenges our abilities to cope. The first challenge is finding the stressors … in the moment if possible. Then setting priorities (factor in your available resources, time management, etc.) and finally tackling them head on. Good mental health equals low stress, so take out the stress with the following list:

  • Rest those eyes – from screens to shopping
  • Fly, you social butterfly – talk to others, keep in touch with loved ones.
  • Ease up on criticism of others – keep complaints, annoyances, assumptions, coveting, blaming, and resentment in check too.
  • Set small realistic goals – take one thing at a time

  • Never give up – one of our family mantras
  • Take your own spa day – a calming bath, massage, etc.
  • Sleep well – quality matters (no caffeine 6 hours before bedtime and no liquids 2 hours before)

  • Clean up – the desk, closet, etc. and keep what makes you happy
  • Hack your hunger games – if very sudden then curb your emotional enthusiasm. Real hunger slowly builds.
  • Help others however you can (e.g. check with others before running errands, etc.)

  • To-do list it – boosting our memory is good, but sometimes it’s better to just write tasks and reminders down and forget it … until tomorrow.
  • Do what you love … use those God-given talents and ask yourself would I do this for free?
  • Avoid the urge to “rescue” everyone … you might overwhelm yourself – we all need rest
  • Keep up that body wellness – breathing, stretching, exercising, etc. … maybe hide that scale for a while

  • Shift the point of view –  don’t just justify or reason the issue away
  • Boost your own self-confidence
  • End perfectionism. Let it go and say “good enough” in your efforts when you can
  • Pick up the brush – paint around the house or make some handmade artistic masterpieces … you’d be surprised how calming this activity is.
  • Get into nature. Take a hike or a scavenger walk in the woods. Go fishing or watch the fish swimming … no nature access? That’s OK, at least find an aquarium screensaver

  • Reach out of your comfort zone … safely
  • Laugh at yourself … and smile and laugh in general
  • Pray – keep up your spiritual tending (Romans 8:31)
  • Forgive others – appreciate/regulate the emotional responses you experience then act fairly and make a forgiveness plan
  • Diffuse that explosive powder keg called anger – find the release when attacked even find the fun (e.g. SPAM attacks).
  • Choose your words carefully – carefully research the facts before investing yourself in an emotionally charged situation. You’ll save your mental and physical resources as well.
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