In life, we learn about this world. We learn about God. Our challenge is to live for God in this world and I don’t wish anyone to be separate from God.

I’ve been inspired to pray more for missions – overseas and domestically. To spread His word and truth to the world to bring love, comfort, and resolution to conflict in life. God’s peace is something we can all share and I hope God speaks to you with the following word list I wrote during this inspiration.

  • Compassion – slow to anger/mindful of our place and others’
  • Faith – belief in our one true, sovereign, and majestic God who is everywhere and knows all
  • Forgive – no blame or anger towards others who wronged me
  • Gift – something to honor and celebrate and use for God’s purposes
  • Grace – we don’t deserve God’s love, but we receive it with His mercy and forgiveness
  • Humility – I don’t need to tell people what I do for God. He knows
  • Integrity – complete honesty
  • Justice – mediated fairness
  • Love –abounding desire of the best for others and selflessly working for others’ benefits
  • Obedience – do whatever God asks of us
  • Patience – enduring pain without complaint or anger
  • Persevere – never give up (our family motto)
  • Praise – say good things about God & others
  • Reconcile – Jesus bridges us to God
  • Reliable – deserving trust
  • Be Saved – rescued from our sin by Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • Sin – the bad in the world that’s something to detest and God can guide us away from
  • Self-control – ruling over our feelings and actions
  • Strength – secure the power that God wills for all
  • Submit – yield willingly
  • Support – sustainable help
  • Truthful – conforming to facts
  • True Wisdom – understanding from God
  • Will – what God wants to be done
  • Worship – reverence, praise, honor, and respect to God.
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