Find the Letter H

The new casual relaxing game Find the Letter H uses the concept of mindfulness through its unique, hand-drawn visuals. It’s a simple task of selecting “H” each time it appears. No tricks. No fuss.

Developed by Will Brierly and published by Snowrunner, Find the Letter H has a simple price ($0.99 USD). Brierly states in a special note ““I made this game last year when I was going through some really hard times mentally. I wanted to make something simple that would help me relax and take my mind off things and hopefully put me in a better state of mind. A few nights ago I was having trouble sleeping and I remembered this game. I played it a bit and it helped me calm down. The next day I decided that I would finish the game and share it with the public.”

The art style matches the calming gameplay while a cool colored friend character voices the events while the players enjoy the natural environments. This style functions well and a running H tally appears in the upper right.

This style keeps the player mindful of present movement so he or she can focus on how to do something simple – picking out the letter H. The design includes bilateral ways (looking at the screen in a back and forth motion) while the easygoing, appealing sound matches the design perfectly.

The 5-minute game sessions. Nothing involved. The level of challenge has three different adjustments. Players collect the Hs in a nice box. There is no specific number. Beads also factor into the gameplay plus there are cool secrets and surprises so feel free to roam around this recommended game (*** out of four stars). 258 GB of available space of storage and 4 MB of RAM is required to run this comforting game …and shouldn’t be a problem for most. The graphic requirements are Ge Force 8600 or equivalent. Available on Steam An earlier version of the game was posted on earlier this year. Enjoy this positive gaming experience.

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