Tennis World Tour 2

NACON and Big Ant Studios’ Tennis World Tour 2 features tournament and stadium play as players progress through training to finetuning their game for a number one world ranking. This quality game has improved mechanics, new animations, weather conditions, and the ability to play doubles matches with up to four players locally and online.

Tennis World Tour 2 has great variety, impressive visuals, decent players choice (Grigor Dimitrov, Roger Federer, Caroline Garcia, etc.), and an engaging Skill Card system while the control scheme offers some challenge.

Tennis World Tour 2_20200925172116

The training is challenging so players can expect a medium to high learning curve. The basic goal is timing when pressing one of the four PS shape buttons on the right and aiming the direction of the ball using the left analog stick, which is a unique challenge since players also move using that stick. It’s best to concentrate on movement first then the shot choice and left analog stick at the same time.

Tennis World Tour 2_20200925171200

Tennis School should have explained the gauge and target crosshair icons immediately. A more intuitive system seems possible incorporating more button holds (timing mechanic that expands the existing two precision taps and power holds) or using both analog sticks and/or the L1/L2/R1/R2 buttons. More creative workouts and mini-games would have made the training more fun.

Get through the training at Tennis School and it will be fine plus that great shot will be even more satisfying. Just learn how to perfect moves then play the angles. Once you get some rhythm and timing then master the fast shots; it’s pretty hard for opponents to return.

Tennis World Tour 2_20200925170817

Players navigate the main menu using the L1 and R1 buttons to navigate through the main mode once selected.

Tennis World Tour 2_20200925170926

In career mode, players can create a player then edit that player any time. Players are also accessible in the My Player mode.

Player agenda includes tournament, charity, training, meet coach, rest then players can get more details in the calendar, rankings, and breakdown. The ultimate goal is to be ranked first in the world. Manage exercise, rest, coaches/staff, injury, talent, travel, and more. Other player factors like stamina don’t really factor into the gameplay in major way, which should be the opposite.

Exhibition Mode has single and double play and is similar to the career mode, which is solid, comprehensive, and the most enjoyable mode. Become a worldwide star while 

The online multiplayer mode makes the double play a lot of fun. Try a quick match or build a reputation through the online rankings. The lag and delays were not an issue at all.

The tournament mode has tie break tens, custom tournaments, and Roland Garros. It’s a great stage but still fun with not too much at stakes. Players aren’t penalized for poor performances; they just progress slower.

Tennis World Tour 2_20200925171840

Players can earn coins and cards. The card system is strategic and entertaining. Players can get packs of cards that have unique advantages plus there are wildcards. Players can choose up to five cards for each match to use at any time. It’s a fun variable that helps strengthen your weaknesses. 

Strengthen your weak points (so awareness is good here) or weaken the opponent. Support cards (marked S) last the whole match while dynamic cards provide a temporary boost. Double click the card’s button at any time during the match. A solitaire-style stacking/sorting system would have been great here as many cards only differ by percentage.

The earned coins are the currency for players to purchase various gear as well as card packs.

The environment graphics impress while the crowd animations need improvement. The occasional animation gaffe gets some unintentional laughs unless the competition is high. Player movements are stiff at times.

Players can always access the User Profile to check on statistics and awards. Available languages are English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Official courts include Estadio Manolo Santana of the Mutua Madrid Open, the OWL ARENA of Halle or the 3 courts of Roland-Garros: Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen, and Simonne-Mathieu. Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch (Oct. 15), and Windows.

Developed by Big Ant Studios (AO International Tennis) and published by Nacon, Tennis World Tour 2 improves from the previous installment, especially in the online mode, while educating and exciting players to experience the fast-paced sport. Recommended (*** out of four stars) and rated E. Price point at 39.99 with additional content available. Also available on PC and Xbox One then coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 15.

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