Grand Slam Tennis 2

GrandSlamTennis2“Service with a smile…as long as you’re up for the challenge.”

Electronic Arts returns to the tennis courts with the PlayStation 3 game Grand Slam Tennis 2, which really lives up to its name as players progress to all four Grand Slam tournaments, including Wimbledon – a great option available for the first time in any next generation game.

Game developers work in smaller courts as well while only requiring 3 MB hard drive space. This game contains an extensive legendary player roster including McEnroe, and Borg, but needs for female players in the mix thought they do include Maria Sharapova and the Williams sisters.

This enjoyable pro tennis game simulates the sport incredibly well while offering a full court of gaming options including online (cooperative and competitive), multiplayer, career (includes 10 year career) and tournament play modes. Players can learn tennis rules as they play (best in the single player career mode), but knowing the rules already greatly reduces the learning curve.

The controls are intuitive, so players just need good anticipation skills and fast reaction times for successful gameplay. The P.R.O. AI ramps up the challenge as the backhands, lobs, and angles create a realistic experience that the valuable PlayStation Move control and of “total racket control” options expands even further with different slices, top-spins and other formidable weapons.

This tennis game sequel also features ESPN and some great playable tournament moments. An excellent tennis experience especially at a newly reduced price in most stores now (***1/2, rated E for everyone, also available on Xbox 360 (sorry no Kinect sensor support)).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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