Adidas micoach


Even if you are not training for the Olympics authentic and authorized technical sports-training program, adidas miCoach brings a whole new level of interactivity to your training regime with over 400 exercises. This game uses full body optical tracking using the PlayStation 3 with the PlayStation Move controller (required along with PlayStation Eye camera required).

This game incorporates dumbbells and stability ball and tests player reaction times. Train with 18 total characters on-disc and via downloadable content. Downloadable content also includes new workouts and sports.

Players can view their statistics, log activity and manage schedules and plans from web-capable devices. Look for incorporated capabilities like the add a cardio program that use the adidas miCoach smartphone app, miCoach Pacer or miCoach SPEED_CELL (sold separately).

Gameplay expands nicely with special social networks, updates, and communities. Players earn Fit Points and awards for each activity and can earn achievements.

The game begins with a video greeting from the athletes who’ll be “training” you. Their visual avatars are very life-like and smoothly rendered overall. Players can get start getting active in this interactive training system video game that includes five sports with specialized trainers in each:

Football: CJ Spiller, Eric Berry, Jozy Altidore, Von Miller
Soccer: Gareth Bale, Jose Mourinho, Kaka
Basketball: Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Jrue Holiday
Tennis: Ana Ivanovic, Andrea Petkovic, Fernando Verdasco
Track/Running: Tyson Gay, Jessica Ennis

Players can also take a basic “Training Plan” mode approach with Men’s Training, Women’s Training, or Getting Started categories. There are 18 possible trainers – three female and 15 male.

Players must complete basic setup information and secure additional equipment, namely a towel, a stability exercise ball, and dumbbells. Roll towel as pad or, of course, use another for swapping up all the sweat. It’s also a good idea to have a pad or even a chair to rest a hand or foot on something for support.

Be sure you have a wide environment so the camera picks up your movements. You need a least 10-12 feet of space in front of your camera with enough room to register jumps, sideways motions, backwards motions, and floor exercises. Lighting is extremely important as well, which makes indoor night workouts a challenge.

The camera feature has full body optical tracking. Not all exercises require the PS Move (tennis and football mainly require it), so it’s like having the Xbox Kinetic game version. Players must find the “sweet spot” on some exercises, but practicing helps. The standing and stability ball exercises track the best. Players can skip exercises plus the timer begins when you move and stops if you get tired or go off camera.

The basic “Training Plan” mode approach with Men’s Training, Women’s Training, or Getting Started categories where players can customize their goals among strength building, speed training, body tone, and others. The in-game calendars map out each chosen program, which are challenging and exciting. Advanced player can unlock “master classes” for even more training and instruction.

Many exercise simulations are fun and beneficial. For example the basketball shooting simulation is the best out there where every action is simplified and feels natural. The soccer and tennis workouts are also very impressive. Overall the game keeps the intensity, so casual exercises do not permeate the overall experience. Conditioning routines are usually shorter and end with recovery periods then training games. Players can also customize their music soundtracks, try add-on content, and achieve trophies.

Developed by Lightning Fish (Mel B fitness titles) and published by 505 Games, Adidas miCoach offers great fitness options/learning opportunities.  Recommended and well-developed. An enjoyable way to stay in shape at an affordable suggested retail price of $29.99 (*** out of four stars, rated E).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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