Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

TonyHawkProSkaterHDTony Hawk Pro Skater HD has been enhanced as an X-Box Arcade style skateboarding game as a collection of seven playable levels from the first and second installments of Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. The serious physics impress while new features like the “Big Head Mode” boost the entertainment even more.

In a timed freestyle course players must guide their chosen Pro Skater through the challenging jumps and tricks, collecting cash and power ups. The enhance visuals improve the look and the classic controls give players a nice nostalgic gaming experience. Not many helmets worn here as players see blood spurt from the upper body when skaters take a fall.

The competition and incentive levels are decent, but not groundbreaking. Players can grab bonuses in the SKATE mode by collecting the letters. Using cash and bonuses collected you can upgrade the game with additional tracks and other goodies. This game was sort of a button masher, and I found creating tricks can be difficult, but necessary as players get rewards for maximum risk in their tricks.

The music soundtrack includes classic like Public Enemy/Anthrax’s “Bring the Noise” along with new songs. The game contains no local multiplayer mode, create-a-park mode or create-a-skater mode, but does have an online mode.

There are player and global leaderboards and downloadable content (**1/2 out of four stars). Developed by Robomodo and published by Activision, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD originally released on Xbox Live (Xbox 360) then PlayStation Network (PlayStation 3) and finally on Steam (PC).

Copyright © Michael Siebenaler

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